The Need of a Backup PF

I am ready for the NBA season to start, I believe the New York Knicks have been able to acquire peices to improve on a season that greatly resembled a rollercoaster. I do not believe the makeover is complete though. The Knicks need to add another power forward to their stable, of course Marcus Camby and Kurt Thomas can bring veteran leadership to the team but where is the youth to this group. The Knicks need to dig in the crate and find a young beast of a rebounder that can keep up with the speed of players like Chris Bosh, David West, Kevin Garnett and even Chris Humphries. The Knicks struggle on the boards and with the way Amare plays we need someone to come off the bench and focus on getting us some boards. People have been talking about overpaying guys like KMart and Louis Amundson when there are trades that can be made like going to get Dejuan Blair to backup Amare. We need a bull dog at that position what KMart is but do this team really need to get any older?

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